HR Policy of GPH Ispat Limited

The HR Policy of GPH Ispat Limited presents the standard personnel policies and procedures and shall apply to all employees of the organization:

GPH Ispat Limited is committed to develop a Corporate Employee culture by maintaining:

  • Structured Human Resource policy and procedure.
  • Creativity, Innovation and Growth
  • Seeking self improvement, Pursuing ambitious goals with enthusiasm and continuously expect to do better.
  • It believes in mutual trust through dialogue, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Retention of quality people by providing long-term benefits like gratuity and contributory PF etc.
  • Extra incentives for maintaining quality and good performance
  • Providing free education to the Children of employees at least upto the primary level at the finance of the company.
  • Medical facilities for employees.
  • Employees are regarded as an important and highly valued resources.

Continuously develop the capacity of the various role players to effectively manage employee relations


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