Expressions of Interest (EoI)

GPH Ispat Limited, one of the leading integrated steel manufacturing companies in Bangladesh engaged in manufacturing and trading of M.S billet and M.S Rod.


GPH Ispat, in its endeavor to power pollution issues, is planning to set up a 10 MW(AC) (Cumulative Capacity) Floating, Ground Mounted, Rooftop Solar PV Power Plants Project in its factory located in Sitakunda, Chittagong.


Objective of the EoI

The objectives of EOI are as follows:

·       Solar Power Generation.

·       Reduce carbon footprint

·       Export of the unused power, if any, to the gird through Net metering guidelines.

·       Conservation of water due to less evaporation.

·       High solar generation due temperature maintenance of solar panels.

·       As the power project will be installed on the water surface, the other land surfaces for same capacity of the project can be utilized for other purposes.


Tentative location of the plant

The tentative location of the plant can be

·       Artificial lake created for the rain water harvesting.

·       The hilly areas around the lake

·       The roof of the main factory building and office buildings


Scope of the work

GPH Ispat is now inviting companies or formal consortia of companies, with the necessary expertise and capacity, to build the solar power plant in its factory. Eligible companies or consortia will have to prove their experience in the construction of solar PV plants as outlined in the eligibility criteria below.


The Contractor shall provide the following works and services:

·       Design and construct the solar PV plants for a project life of 20 years

·       Provide operation and maintenance manual and necessary training to the operators.

·       Provide manufacturer warranties of Inverter, PV modules, and other major components of the plant

·       Provide maintenance service for two years after the commissioning of the plant

·       Provide necessary performance guarantee as per the requirement of GPH Ispat

·       Construct a road for the transportation of power plant goods to the artificial lake.

·       Provide documental support to GPH Ispat for its loan application in financial bodies

·       Help GPH Ispat to apply for the net metering contract with the power utility


 Eligibility criteria 

Si No

List of attributes




Technical experience (General)


As an Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) contractor, the applicant must have the experience of working in Solar PV projects with cumulative capacity of at least 10 MW in the past 10 years.



Technical experience (Specific)


As an Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) contractor, the applicant must have the experience of working in at least one grid-connected solar photovoltaic project with a single capacity of at least 1 MW in the past 10 years.


Regional experience

Demonstrable success in building similar projects in Bangladesh/India/China



General Instructions and Submission Details.  


Interested Companies/Consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services and meet the eligibility criteria listed in this Call for Expression of Interest. 


The following documents are to be provided:

·       The Applicant's legal status, i.e. Incorporation Certificate;

·       JV documents for formal consortia of companies;

·       Organization brochure or profile of organization;

·       Details of the Contact Person - Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile Number, Direct Office Number, etc.

·       Documents confirming the company is meeting eligibility criteria i) to iii) mentioned above

·       Conceptual system design containing (location of the panels, inverters, cabling arrangements, and connection points to the grid) for the development of the Project. The design should consider the shading, dust and environmental issues. No financial proposal is needed at this moment.

·       Bank solvency certificate


Companies may act as part of a formal consortium to leverage their capabilities provided that the consortium in total fulfills all eligibility criteria mentioned above.


If any applicant or member of a consortium has experience in floating solar plant, it may make it more attractive partner for this project. 


EOI from suppliers failing to provide the requested information will be disregarded. 


Eligible suppliers meeting all requirements stipulated in this EOI will be short listed for the upcoming RFP. Invitations to bid and any subsequent purchase order will be issued in accordance with the rule and procedures of GPH Ispat Ltd.   


This EoI does not entail or imply any commitment either financial or otherwise on the part of the GPH Ispat Ltd, It reserves the right to accept or reject any or all EOI without incurring any obligation to inform the affected applicant/s of the grounds.




GPH Ispat Ltd invites potential suppliers to express their interest. The expression of interest shall be received no later than 17.00 Hours, Bangladesh local time on Thursday 7th October 2021. 


Pre-submission meeting will be held online platform on Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 14.00 Hours. 


Any requests for clarification about the contents of this Expression of interest shall be sent via email to


Any request for clarification shall be received no later than 10 days before the deadline for submission of applications as stipulated above. No phone calls will be accepted. Answers to questions/inquiries will be given in the pre-submission meeting will be held online platform on Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 14.00 Hours.    


The applicant can visit the site and discuss the plan with the designated officials of GPH Ispat Ltd and share their valuable suggestions. For details, they can contact +8801709637548


Interested suppliers should forward their Expression of interest including all required documentation by email (max. 5 MB per email message with no limits on the number of messages), to the following All emails should be sent together to avoid complicacy in documentation.  


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