Location: GPH Ispat Limited is situated in the picturesque plush valley at Mouza-Mosjiddah under 7 no. Kumira Union, Sitakunda, Chittagong on the east side of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

Key machineries:

  1. Steel Melting Shop:
    1. Induction furnace, 3 units, 2x10MT capacity, 1x20MT Capacity
    2. Ladle Refining Furnace, 1 unit, 20MT capacity
    3. Continuous Casting Machine, 1 unit, 2 strand, 4/7 m radius
    4. Fume Extraction System
  2. Rolling Mills, 1 unit (composed of re-heating furnace, roughing mill, intermediate mill, finishing mill and auto-cooling bed)
  3. Power plant, 12 Mega Watt.
  4. Quality control laboratory: 
    1. Spectrometer with 24 channels
    2. Chemical analysis laboratory
    3. UTM, 1000KN
    4. Metallurgical microscope
    5. Brinell hardness tester
  5. Auxiliaries:
    1. Mechanical workshop
    2. Lubrication oil system
    3. Cooling water system
    4. Pneumatics and air compressor system
    5. Conveyor tables, repeaters
    6. E.O.T cranes
    7. Cold shearing machine
    8. 100 MT weigh bridge
    9. Mobile cranes

Steel Melting Shop

INDUCTION FURNACE: 1 Unit of  20MT and 2 units of 10 MT Capacity each, 4000KW, Duraline Plus Type, Make: Inductotherm India Pvt. Ltd. (American Based Company)An electrical furnace is a furnace where heat is applied by induction heating of metal in a crucible placed in a water-cooled alternating current solenoid coil. The advantage is a clean, energy-efficient and well-controllable melting process compared to most of the other means of metal melting.

LADLE REFINING FURNACE: 20 MT Capacity, 1 unit, Make- Technomag Industries Pvt. Ltd., India.Ladle refining furnaces (LRFs) are used to desulfurize steels, homogenize temperature, remove slag & other impurities, homogenize chemical composition, remove entrapped gases, improve quality of molten steel and hold the molten steel for casting operations.



CONTINUOUS CASTING MACHINE: 2 Strands, 4/7 m radius, 1 unit, Make-Concast India Pvt Ltd. Continuous Casting Machine is used to solidify molten steel into a “semi-finished” billet, bloom or slab for subsequent rolling in the re-rolling and finishing mills.



HOT CHARGING : Casting strands  of Continuous casting machine feed billets to rolling mill directly with high availability, where casting and rolling procedure become continuously link , Reducing the operational cost.

Re-rolling Mills

One unit, automated, composed of reheating furnace, roughing mill, intermediate mill, continuous finishing mill, auto-cooling bed and clod shearing m/c, Make- Kathuria Rollmill Pvt. Ltd., India

GPH RE-HEATING FURNACE: 20T/Hr capacity, natural gas fired, 1 unit.This is the heart of any hot rolling mill where the charge is heated to rolling temperature (~1050- 1200ºC). The charge could be in the form of billet, bloom, slab or ingot.

GPH ROUGHING MILL COMPLEX: 410 mm size, powered by 1250 HP AC motor having 3 stands. A roughing mill is a rolling mill for converting steel ingots, blooms, billets or slabs into blooms, billets or slabs of reduced cross-sectional areas.

GPH INTERMEDIATE MILL COMPLEX: 280 mm size powered by 800 HP AC motor having 4 stands with speed increase. An intermediate mill is a reducing unit of the products of roughing mill.

GPH FINISHING MILL COMPLEX: 250 mm size having 6 stands individually powered, 4 stands driven by 200 KW DC motor & 2 stands driven by 250 KW DC motor in continuous fashion.A finishing mill is a rolling mill in which final round sheet, plate and other mill products are subjected to final rolling operation



GPH Quenching & Tempering Unit:

The purpose of quenching process is to improve the mechanical properties of deformed bar as required by the international standards (BDS, ASTM, DIN, BS etc). Quenching & Tempering process adopted after rolling, with automated control of water pressure, nozzle angle and the rate of water flow. For good ductile rebars it is very important to have a critical balance between chemistry and quenching parameters, essential in developing the desired properties. A rapid and controlled water quenching is performed reducing the temperature of surface drastically from around 950°C to 600°C. Due to higher speed, only outer portion of bar gets quenched. The inner part remains hot only. The case due to rapid quenching gets converted in Martensite form. The Microstructure is fine-grained Ferrite-Pearlite structure at the Core and Martensite at the case. Then the bar is cut with automatic Flying Shear and fed into the cooling bed.

GPH AUTO-COOLING BED COMPLEX: 55mx8m. Auto cooling bed is utilized to handle bars in high speed operation & for allowing bars to cool down in ambient temperature.

GPH COLD SHEARING MACHINE: is used for cutting bars as per desired length.Cold shearing machines are used to cut heavy billet, hot bar, plate scrap, structure as angle & channel, TMT bundle etc. It also includes snap shear to cut hot rolling during breakdown/miss roll.

Power Plant

GPH POWER PLANT: gas-based generator, 3 unit, 4MW each, total 12 MW (synchronized with PDB), Make- Deutz, Germany.A power plant is an industrial facility for the generation of electric power. At the center of nearly all power stations there is a generator, a rotating machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by creating relative motion between a magnetic field and a conductor. The energy source harnessed to turn the generator varies widely.


Mechanical workshop

Lubrication oil systems

Cooling water systems

Pneumatics and air compressor systems

Conveyor tables, repeaters


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