• The company desires to enrich the steel sector of Bangladesh and will always maintain its commitment through its production of quality products.
  • As regard to chemical composition, it has adopted the AISI-SAE standards to make billets of 40-300, 60-400 & TMT grades.
  • As regard to the mechanical properties, it has adopted such re-rolling practices that conform various national and international standards of structural steel bars like BDS, ASTM, JIS, DIN etc.
  • Billets are produced from selected raw materials like scrap, ferroalloys, carburizers, de-carburizers, fluxes and additives through Induction Furnace, Ladle Refining Furnace and Continuous Casting Machine.
  • All the inputs are chemically checked for proper chemical composition before use. Only the right quality of inputs is used for manufacturing billets.
  • GPH Ispat Ltd has the latest version of Spectrometer from Spectrolab, Germany to control the chemical composition of molten steel in various stages of melting. The right chemical composition is ensured before casting to get desired mechanical and metallurgical properties of deformed bars.
  • Only the prime quality billets are selected for rolling.
  • Hot Charging : Casting strands  of Continuous casting machine feed billets to rolling mill directly with high availability, where casting and rolling procedure become continuously link , Reducing the operational cost.
  • Billets are rolled in a completely automatic Re-Rolling Mills.
  • The qualities of the rolled bars are checked for mechanical properties like strength, ductility and bend-ability by a highly precise Universal Testing Machine from Hungta Instrument Co. Ltd, Taiwan.
  • Billets, as well as deformed bars, are periodically checked for metallurgical properties through metallurgical microscope by experienced Metallurgical Engineers.
  • Billets, as well re-rolled bars, are tested for hardness through computerized Brinell Hardness Tester by Metallurgical Engineers.
  • Weight per meter is accurately maintained with minus tolerance as per BDS, ASTM and other major international standards.
  • In each meter length of Re-rolled bars, ‘GPH’ logo marks are inscribed to avoid any duplication.
  • Each size of bundle contains fixed numbers of bars and thus ensures strict check on pilferages.
  • Continuous supply of power has an effect on the quality of steel products and that’s why GPH Ispat Limited ensures uninterrupted supply of power by establishing a power plant of 12 MW (synchronization with the National Grid).
  • Unlike most of the factories of Bangladesh, GPH Ispat Ltd has a fume extraction system which eliminates the fumes and dusts completely as proper extraction of fumes and dust particles enhances efficiency of manpower and improves the productivity and quality of the products.
  • GPH is the first private semi-integrated steel mill in Bangladesh with power generation, billet making and bar producing facilities in one compound. That’s why GPH Ispat Ltd is more consistent to fulfill the customers’ requirements compared to others.
  • A highly precise 100 MT computerized Weigh Bridge ensures the weight of the bars delivered to dealers and customers.
  • The motto of the company is not only to make profit, but also to contribute the nation with right quality of structural bars.


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