General Information of GPH Ispat Limited

With reference to our earlier Price Sensitive Information dated, January 12, 2016 regarding agreement with M/s. Primetals Technologies Austria, GmbH, Austria and ‘General Information of GPH Ispat Limited’ dated September 24, 2016 regarding approval of OeKB, Austria covered Export Agency (ECA) Term Loan USD 94.85 million only by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), it is to be notified further that  BHF Bank, Germany has given consent on the loan agreement with GPH and 5 Bangladeshi Consortium of Bank’s OBU led by United Commercial Bank Limited for the payment of USD 83.50 million only to the Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH, Austria (the Equipment Supplier”) and USD 11.35 million only for the ECA premium to OeKB. As notified earlier, the cost of the finance will be 6 month LIBOR+1.40%p.a. Other fees are 0.55% as management fee (one time) and 0.55% p.a. as commitment fee on undisbursed loan.


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